Having Sex Three Times a week will burn much Calories

Sex is a bodily function and therefore provides benefits such practice lift our spirits, makes us more positive to everyday problems, increases self-esteem, and also distances us from the vices of the food and therefore helps us stay in form. Can you think of a fun way to get fit? Having sex three times a week will burn 7,500 calories a year. Start now!

It is the ideal diet According to the British writer Richard Smith, director for 13 years of 'The British Medical Journal, and author of the bestseller "How to lose weight fucking' (editorial Debolsillo), weight gain in many cases can be attributed to the lack of sexual activity replaced sex as the craving for food.

Scientific Explanation
The thesis of departure is that the pelvic movements, accelerated breathing, increased heartbeat, dilation of blood vessels in the genital area and muscle spasms when it comes to orgasm, they spend a lot of energy similar to that physical exercise can consume, perhaps not as pleasurable as sex.
Specifically, Smith estimated that a ratio of 20 minutes consume about 150 calories, more than half an hour playing badminton (125 calories), golf (108) and, like fast walking or cycling for 30 minutes.
Depending on the positions and the time devoted to them, the couple can share a good time and lose weight at the same time. For example, your partner undress you can burn 120 to 180 calories and orgasm can consume 160 kcal. The strokes consume 20 calories, do a striptease burn 60 calories, with the missionary position is eliminated and other 240 calories can be disposed of 200 to 400 calories.

Healthy Recipes It is not the only one that has 'value for money for' sex-ratio diet. The physician and professor Pierre Durand has described in his book "Weight Loss by love '(mr Editions) 50 sessions that fit in with healthy recipes.
It would be like the first diet that does not put a foul mood, but quite the opposite. "That's been the goal, Durand said. The majority of patients who came to my office had gone through diets had left because of boredom. The results of this method are very positive, my patients have lost weight without sacrifice, are happy and, furthermore, many have improved their relationships. "

"There are many low calorie foods diet that can make a game enjoyable and fun, says Durand. The central idea of ​​the method is just to avoid suffering and instead promote the welfare and happiness. Sex is the best and most effective antidepressant. "
In each position of the book there is a tab which lists the calories burned with an average length, never exact. In general, the positions in which the couple is standing are those that help you burn more calories.
"When you love standing working all the muscles of the body to maintain balance and also the effort is greater when making the movements of copulation."

This technique has its science, as the vasodilation of genital erogenous zones helps you lose calories. "The orgasm is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, briefly accelerates the heart rate to achieve a rate comparable to that produced by running," he concludes.

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