7 Men Signs Want to Make Love


Most of the men usually do not hesitate to show that he was wanted to make love with their partner.

However, you can know when the husband wanted to have sex or being sexual desire arises, with attention to small signs that he might not be aware of.

When his wish had not delivered but you have to give a signal for sex, you can make them surprised and pleased. Whose man does not like it if his wife knew in advance what he wants?
For that reason, you need to learn the signs of men who want to make love, as quoted from Cosmopolitan.

1. His Hand rubbing your Shoulder If he pressed his hand to the shoulder, then your body be shrinking, it could be a sign that your partner wants sex. Rubbing or wiping his hand-rubbed into your shoulder is also a signal that the he wanted to get the intimacy of the spouses.

2. Hooking a thumb at his waist If he made the move when dealing with you, it could be your man was giving the 'code' that he wanted to make love. By hooking a thumb at the waist of his pants, he want your eyes will be focused on lower body; can pelvis (groin) or even perhaps Mr. P. That way, he hopes you will also be thinking the same thing.
3. Hold his nose several times He was not flu or a cold, but look again and again picking his nose? There is a possibility he would like to invite you to make love. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, recently reported that the nerves in his nose and erection is interconnected. If his nose was suddenly more sensitive, which means there are 'volatile' down there.

4. Dilating his Pupils If the pupils dilate, making the black dots on the eyes to dilate, this could be a strong sign that the he wanted to make love with you. Pupil or enlarged eyeball usually occurs when a person is sexually aroused.

5. Talk with the Voice Deeper than usually.
A study conducted in 2010 ago, found that the sound of man can identify his sexual arousal. Men will instinctively lower his voice, when the desire arises.

6. Hugging and hand landing in the Lower Waist Hugging may rarely be associated with sexual desire. But if he hugged you tightly, then landed his hands below the waist, or rather on top of your butt, maybe he wants something more than just a cordial embrace.
7. Biting his Lower lip and Wiggle his head
Is he biting his lower lip as he shook his head when he closes to you? Men do this when talking with his partner, maybe he was nervous because he wants to enjoy a more intimate moments.

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