What you need to know about Botox

Botox and hyaluronic acid have revolutionized the cosmetics market. Both are substances that are intended to fill wrinkles. However, they have completely different functions in the face. Botox is applied in areas of movement to weaken or permanently paralyze the muscles (between the eyebrows and the eye area).

Meanwhile, the Hyaluronic acid is milder and is applied in areas that lack muscle as part of the nose, the mouth where rutting or also to increase lip volume.

Botox is the most prestigious brand product called Botulinum Toxin Type A and has the function of correcting erase lines and dynamic wrinkles located on the upper face, by injection of the product, causing relaxation of facial muscles on a temporary basis so that its contraction decreases, giving way to a completely smooth skin.

Botox is applied with intramuscular injections in the face, giving a temporary relaxation and giving the face a more rested appearance, rejuvenated and enjoyable.

This technique for removing facial wrinkles has over 15 years of global experience and a strict protocol that ensures a secure and satisfactory. From the fourth day of product application results begin to appreciate.

Recommendations for Botox:
1. Use on eyebrows, around the eyes, forehead and neck.
2. It is indicated for young patients between 30-45 years.
3. No sunbathing, or massage or make sudden movements in that area.

Benefits of Botox:
1. Positive results are achieved, diminishing wrinkles and gestures retracing being formed over the years.
2. Delivers a youthful, rested and healthy.
3. In patients aged 30 and 45 prevents the formation of future facial creases.

The effects are reversible.
1. It is used for migraines.
2. It should be noted that there is a painful procedure, patients only manifest discomfort associated with needle punctures, which by the way, use the smallest that exist. Botox usually lasts between 4 and 6 months depending on individual characteristics.
3. Botox was first used in the U.S. in the 60's as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of diseases associated with neurological disorders, characterized by involuntary muscle contraction.
4. Along with this, the patient, once the application of Botox, you can return to your normal routine as it does not require admission to the medical center.

A few years ago, the efficacy of Botox has shifted significantly to the lift cosmetic surgery to remove wrinkles of the skin. Hyaluronic acid treatments or Botox are both revolutionary and less painful and traumatic surgery.

Increasingly, patients who prefer to combat the effects of age with non-invasive treatments.

Expression lines may be caused by factors as diverse as stress, sun, food and others. They have an unsightly and wrinkles between the eyebrows results we see angry without even pregnant.

Before treatment, the doctor uses ice to the area to try to numb the muscle and less painful injections. Then the doctor will inject the Botox will normally be several punctures to improve the results.

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