Massage Techniques to prevent lines and wrinkles on your Face

Massage techniques to prevent lines and wrinkles on your Face

The beauty techniques will expand as the years pass. Taking care of our skin, moisturize and maintain healthy requires more care than when we were teenagers.

As time passes the skin becomes thinner, loses density and wrinkles become deeper. Ideally, this kind of caught us off guard consequences and the sooner we care to mitigate much better

We all want a youthful, fresh and toned. We strive daily to the passage of time is not noticed in our face, and for this we use a host of homemade recipes and all kinds of creams for the face.
Try this massage routine techniques for the ravages of age are not reflected in your face.
1. Tone: Make quick pinching with your thumb and forefinger around your face, emphasizing each wrinkle.
2. Massage: With gentle movements performed in a circular motion around the face.
3. Smooth: Apply some cream with extensive contacts in the face and neck, then with the fingertips smoothing the skin as though you were "ironing" the wrinkles.

These techniques will face tension and restore energy by stimulating the flow of blood. Note that you must perform these massages with moisturizers and for three minutes.

It should be noted that skin aging is caused by several factors such as harsh climatic conditions, stress, heavy smoking and alcohol, poor hydration, among others.
Climate change does not depend on us, but our early stimulation and care typical face wetting and hydration.

For this reason, we must ensure our skin properly for 20 years, if you can before, much better.
Hydration is essential to avoid dryness and wrinkles. Water is the most important to keep skin healthy and soft. Minimum you should drink two liters of water and moisten the face with a spray during the day is ideal.

To help in moisturizing the face, taking note of these great recipes: 
1. Lettuce Lotion: You must boil for ten minutes lettuce leaves, cool and apply with a cotton gently in your face.
2. Mineral water: Before makeup mineral water spray her face.

3. Bath anti-wrinkle: Make an infusion with six tablespoons of lemon balm, chamomile six and six of shredded carrots. Strain and add six honey, let sit for an hour, pour the solution into the bath water and stay there as long as you want. Come out of the shower with a skin moist and soft.
To prevent lines and wrinkles take over our skin constantly makes these techniques of massage and hydration. Your face surely will be softer and smoother.

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