Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery

Beautiful models showing certain media, such as porn, can cause many women feel dissatisfied with their bodies or their faces. But this effect seems to increase in areas unthought: more women are unhappy with the appearance ... their vaginas.

According to the National Health Service United Kingdom (NSH, for its acronym in English) in the last 10 years has quintupled the number of women seeking cosmetic surgery in the vaginal area.

Dr. Sarah Creighton, University College London, explains that many women seek surgery labiaplasty because they are pressured to have sexual organs "perfect" as showing porn. "They are being bombarded with images that suggest they are not normal," he said.

Vaginal cosmetic surgery, what are the risks?

Labial reduction (labiaplasty) is normally recommended for women with larger labia minora labia majora, labia minora or asymmetric, as this condition can cause genital discomfort such as irritation or discomfort with intercourse.

The procedure involves removing the excessive growth in the labia minora correcting the problem and giving a smoother appearance to the vulva, explains the South Coast Medical Center of Urogynecology, California.

The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Institute, Dr. Creighton led a study that tracked 33 women who requested cosmetic vaginal surgery, and found that all but three cases, all had normal dimensions in their labia minora, is that did not need surgery.

The 10 most popular cosmetic surgery

Besides, something that alarmed Dr. Creighton was almost 50 percent had begun to feel uncomfortable with your body about 15 years. "It's shocking, especially because it is really young girls," Dr. Creighton delcare.

Although according to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, says that most enter the operating room for medical reasons, it is considered that porn and advertising programs that vaginal surgeries have made women more aware of their genital area experiencing discomfort with it.

Based on information from the NHS is estimated to be 2.000 which this surgery each year in the UK.

In the U.S., there is no official figure for these procedures, but the International Society of Cosmetoginecología says thousands are performed based on non-medical interests, from "vaginal rejuvenation," something like a "lifting Labia" to enlargement clitoris.

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