Can the 'friends with benefits' to remain friends?

There is nothing more complicated than human relationships. Men and women fall in love and fall out of love every day. Some manage to achieve happiness while others seek it in vain. And if not tell that to the protagonists of 'No Compromise', which are none other than Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher that give life to Emma and Adam in the film that put back in vogue this issue, not only in theaters but also on the street. The story opens in which two friends end up in bed having sex.

And, there were times when nobody was looking for a soul mate: at first marriage was a social strategy to increase its range. Gradually, arranged marriages fell into oblivion and even sexual attraction became a decisive factor, the marriage continued characterized by self-interest. If men were synonymous with economic security, women had to give them good house cleaning.

It was the sexual revolution which led to a significant change in the relationship, now that does not encourage the survival and matchmaking, try to find a person who fills an emotional, intellectual and sexual. But the multitude of challenges that are on our way did emerge a new kind of relationship: friends with benefits.

A friend with benefits is more than a friend.
There comes a time when the love giving just in bed. However, this special friendship can not provide anything other than sexual benefits. He enjoys the moment and there is no possibility of dating sight.

Friends with benefits rules requires agreement.
Like any relationship, carries certain risks that can be avoided by agreeing the rules of the game. Experts note 3 patterns are postponed.

First, it is crucial to remember that you can only expect good sex from a friend with benefits. Getting along is fine, but prohibits any emotional involvement. Women are the worst, because after making love, they release a hormone called oxytocin. That explains why hormone needed pampering and cuddling after sex. But we must distinguish between the tenderness of a friend with benefits and a couple ...

Second, having sex without commitment will inevitably have an expiration date. Brevity prevents guarantees more passion and feelings arise. Sex can never become love. There is the big difference with a romp, according to several studies, one is more likely to be affectionate after sex with a friend than with a stranger. Refrain those who can not control your feelings!

And third, as one of the two fall in love with another, the game has ended. Follow liándoos only cause collateral damage, as it begins to fall in love will not wait even more.

Sexual encounters sooner or later may confuseAt first glance, it seems easy. But those who think getting rid of sensitive conversations are very wrong. These imply that casual sexual encounters sooner or later, confusing situations arise: having 'follamigo', is implicit that you can sleep with other people or not? In principle yes, but a matter of speaking. Do you shall count all your adventures? How often you will see and then call?

There is no doubt that as time goes on, always complicated history. Therefore, communication is as essential as a couple. We must say what each expects of the other person. Each has its own expectations and if different, the relationship can only lead to one thing: failure.

Some will ask: Is there any chance that we become a partner with the passage of time? You never know, but psychologists say that people looking for 'friends with benefits' are in a transition phase. They are not prepared to lie mate.

That yes, sex without commitment usually ends when one of the two finally get out of that phase and has matured enough to find a partner. In short, who is involved in this type of relationship with the goal of becoming the friend takes a couple oil.

Sex without commitment has an expiration date

Now. If sex without commitment has an expiration date and discard a relationship, must ask what happens next? Can you still be friends? Depend on one person to another: it is true that the friendly relationship can be strengthened to have shared intimate moments.

If the two can be left with no respective partners jealous they get through, great. If not, better than your ways to separate once and for all. However, the friendship between a man and a woman has always been one of the biggest questions in the areas of sociology and of course a common sexual past adds another dimension to the controversy. What is clear is that the reactions of women vary greatly from those of men.

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