Secret Weapon : Moisturizer to match with your Skin Tone

Thandie Newton has revealed she has a bizarre beauty secret of her own - turmeric.
The 39-year-old actress uses the spice as an addition to her moisturizer to help match her skin-tone.

She told HELLO! magazine: 'Olay does a great tinted moisturizer that I add a little turmeric to - making it more yellow depending on my skin tone and the season.
'That's a great trick for all women who find that foundations are too ashy or too pink for their skins.
'And it's anti-inflammatory.
'It's my secret weapon.'

Despite her unusual tip, on the whole Thandie is not high maintenance when it comes to looking good.
She added: 'Generally, I am low maintenance, but during the run of Death and the Maiden I had to wear a lot of eye make-up, which meant using a great cleanser.
'I apply Neal's Yard Rose Beauty Balm, work it in, then remove it when a flannel rinsed in warm water.
'It dissolves everything.
'After that I just need a few dabs of Olay moisturizer.'

Super food: Thandie says the spice adjusts the color of her foundation, and is a great anti-inflammatory

Turmeric can also be taken in capsule form. It has liver protecting compounds and is said to calm the digestive system

Turmeric, a bright yellow spice used in many Indian, south-east Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, comes from a plant that is part of the ginger family and is already thought to have many health benefits.
It has been touted as a 'super-food' for its anti-ageing properties.

Turmeric paste is also said to improve the condition of the skin.

Curcumin has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine - practiced on the Indian subcontinent - to treat a range of gastrointestinal disorders.

Previous studies have also suggested it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

A drug derived from the popular spice turmeric could be used to treat stroke patients.

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