A Perfumes scent to suit your blood group

Apparently, it’s not just vampires who enjoy the smell of blood.
Italian niche brand Blood Concept has developed four unisex perfumes based around the four main blood types: A, B, AB and O.
The website’s cheery catchphrase is ‘Blood Concept; let it flow’, and their justification for such a venture is ‘because blood is actually the river of life’.
These are perfumes based on ‘the actual smell of blood’, with creators describing all four as having underriding ‘vague metallic suspicions’.
A is the green scent, containing tomato leaves, basil and star anise. It’s described as ‘aromatic, reassuring and clean’. 
B is the woody, spicy one with notes of apple, black cherry, pepper, pomegranate, black tea and teak.
O is the most animalistic and primitive with thyme, raspberry, rose hip, leather, birch and cedar. It’s said to be ‘visceral and intense, from the depths of earth’.
AB, the most synthetic and chemical of the set has notes of aluminum, slate, pebble and water, and is described as ‘individualist and visionary’.
The perfumes come in silver, medicinal-looking droppers which wouldn’t look out of place in a chemistry set and in case you’re thinking this won’t catch on, Lady Gaga seems to have taken inspiration from the brand, too.
Genius, we’ll let you decide.

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