4 Levels of Perfume

Perfume is liquid mixes with essential oil, fixative and alcohol which can be used to keep body has a persistent and pleasant smell. Essential oil is derived from flowers and plants like orange flower or rose by distillation. If the way distillation can not work, enfleurage is another choice.

Fixed agent is used to combine different kinds of spices together, including balsam, ambergris and so on. Alcohol solution plays an important role in the perfume. Without it, perfume smells not good actually. Usually the storage life of perfume is five years.

Generally, the perfume we called on the market is the common pronoun, if you make a distinction carefully, you can find some differences. According to the different proportion of alcohol and spices, the fragrance is not same. The higher rate of fragrance, the lower rate of alcohol, then this kind of perfume can keep lasting.

Frequently, in terms of the different ratio of alcohol, the perfume can be divided as four kinds.

Level 1: Parfum
Acronym: P
Concentration: 15~30%
Length of time: 5~7 hours
Characteristics: the purity of spices is the highest, so the fragrance can last for a very long time. Using this kind of perfume, we do not need too much, just use small amounts on the wrist and neck.

Level 2: Eau de Parfum
Acronym: EDP
Concentration: 10~15%
Length of time: 5 hours
Characteristics: the persistence of this kind is better than the Eau de Toilette. If your working place or environment is not convenient for you adding parfum, this one will be your best choice.

Level 3: Eau de Toilette
Acronym: EDT
Concentration: 5~10%
Length of time: 3~4 hours
Characteristics: the percentage of alcohol of it is a little higher than the above, so it more easily volatilized. Normally, if we use it in the morning, then at noon we should add some more. This slightly breath can last until afternoon. It can bring you fresh feeling.
EDT Chanel Egoiste

Level 4: Eau de Cologne
Acronym: EDC
Concentration: 3~5%
Length of time:1~2 hours
Characteristics: cologne mostly with orange fragrance and suitable for people use after sports or bathing. And what's more, if someone who wants to convert mood or restore the energy, cologne is the best one.

Eau De Cologne Chantilly

All in all, the senses above just give a little tips about the perfume choosing, there are still a numerous knowledge of it.

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