The art of saying "I Love You" through your body

Intimacy is defined as a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving relationship with another person. Another definition of this word is sexual intercourse. The first definition indicates that the persons are familiar with each other and the second definition reveals that the persons are ready for the physical contact. Love is a sweet feeling but lovemaking is an art. In reality lovemaking is the art of saying "I Love You" through your body. You make your partner experience the ultimate pleasure called sex. Or you do sex to please your partner. Sex is a feeling that you pass on to your partner.

Intimacy and romance

In the moments of intimacy, men forget to take advantage of women's desires. For example take foreplay. Women love foreplay because it fuels their desire to have sex but men are always in hurry as they consider lovemaking a game. Sex is a game but it starts with mind. You have to refresh your partner and prepare him for the great game. Foreplay is the start of sex and orgasm is the conclusion of sex. It's the foreplay that provides longevity and quality to a sexual act.

Women are slow chargers and they take time in preparing their body and mind for lovemaking. On the other hand, men come to bed when they are already charged and they require no preparation for lovemaking. A majority of husbands complain that their wives have lost interest in lovemaking but little do they know that the stress and tension of today's fast lifestyle has suppressed their desire for sex.

If you think that you can satisfy sexual desire of any men then you are either day dreaming or boasting. First you should understand the true meaning of intimacy and then find what your partner really wants. If he wants to talk to you then you should have a friendly chatting. If he wants to tell something to you then you should listen to him. You will be amazed to know that talking and just lying together is also a part of lovemaking.

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