5 Things That Drive Men Away

The number of men who desire to have a relationship is large, but this desire might fade if you do things put up red flags in their mind. In order for you not to find yourself in this situation, you need to know how to get a boyfriend and keep him. Women who want a steady relationship should be strategic in maintaining a relationship with their man and should understand what drives men away.

Here are the top 5 characteristics that drive men away.

1. You need him too much
Women end up by themselves when they can't just leave a guy alone. For instance, you just met him a week ago and now you can't just stop texting him and planning weekends with him. Acting like a needy girlfriend will drive men away. How to get a boyfriend? Give them space and allow them to move in their own pace, after all, the planning and efforts at the start should come from him.

You need him too much

2. You're playing too hard to get
It's one thing to not return a phone call right away. Or turn down a date every now and then. But if you're really interested in the guy then you should be saying yes more then no. Play too hard to get and he will drop you and move on. You do want to spend time with him right? So do it.

You're playing too hard to get

3. You're self-centered.
Talking about yourself is a good way to let the opposite sex know more about you. Talking all the time about your previous boyfriend and/or all your problems is another thing. If you don't show interest in him, he will feel you aren't really interested in him and he may start looking for someone else. So another solution on how to get a boyfriend is to be curious about him. After all, you are entering a two-way relationship. Listen to him. Ask questions. Get to know him.

4. Early talk about marriage
If you start talking about marriage early on in the relationship that is a red flag for men. They don't want to get snared by a woman who is just looking for a wedding ring. They want to know you love them and that's why you would want to marry them. So even if that's your number one goal of the year, do not bring up marriage with him. And really, do you even know you'd want to be with this man forever at this early stage of the game?

5. Acting like a parent
Start bossing your man around like he's your child and he will head for the hills. Do not start acting like his mother. I see so many women bossing men around. Telling them what they can order off the menu in the restaurant, etc. Really, I have seen that. Do not act like a parent to another adult human being. Especially the man you have set your eyes on as long term boyfriend material.
woman acting like a parent

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