Recommended Perfumes from World fashion Designers

Not just fashion, perfumes also keep updating. Including fashion designers, they are turning to create a distinctive fragrance.

The designers capture, if the perfume and fashion are an inseparable unity. Fragrant Body will support the Beautiful clothes. The natural body scent came from Fragrances perfume. Here are some recommendations from the perfume designer.

Marc Jacobs 'Lola'
The smell of flower is a symbol of femininity. That's what is reflected in the perfume 'Lola'. Not only soft and feminine scent, the bottles’ perfume were made as nicely as possible with a bottle cap-shaped and dominated by purple flowers. Marc Jacobs 'Lola' sells for about 120 USD

Yves Saint Laurent 'Opium'
 The aroma is very spicy oriental perfume 'Opium'. The combination of mandarin orange aroma, plum, pepper, jasmine and lily scent are blended and can evoke an aura of confidence to a person. Wrapped in a brown bottle, this perfume is sold for about 95 USD.

Vera Wang 'Rock Princess'
Wedding dress designer creates a perfume theme princess rebellion. Sweet and tender aroma created from rose, jasmine, lily, musk, and mix and raspberry, peach and coconut. The bottle is unique and elegant, wrapped with a heart shape bottle and a crown in the lid. A sprinkling of black and silver colors on the bottle characterizes the impression of rebellion a princess. This elegant perfume sells for about 88 USD.

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