Secrets to Improve Your Intimacy

Intimacy can't be explained in a way that two people come close to each other to share their physical and emotional pleasures as well. For those for whom the meaning of intimacy is not clear in actual terms is very difficult to improve their relationship.

Truly, intimacy is not just physical. If it were, what then happens when the excitement and pleasure wear thin? What if you come to a realization that you are not satisfied anymore with the sex you are taking? What if you wake up and find that intimacy is not really there? Think about those old couples who have been together for more than fifty years. These couples have surmounted all sorts of obstacles. What is the key factor keeps them going? What is the primary secret of their commitment? Personally speaking, the simple answer is the fact that they are sharing their lives with each other in a perfect manner.


And, of course, improving intimacy must first start by taking a good way to communicate. The success of a relationship can be attributed to how well each person converses with his/her spouse. I would say that honesty is vital, yet you should be careful with the words you are using. Generally, females are more vocal with their problems, so males should listen first before giving rebuttals or criticisms. Men, on the contrary, tend to be quiet while thinking about what to say. Good thing is that women need to wait for him to speak, or he will lose his train of thought, and not be able to express himself at all. Especially if they are not feeling well, instead of instantly talking about their difficulties, men retreat first inside their "emotional caves," so women should not force men to open up if they are not yet ready. Once the way that they communicate is settled, each one will learn that being honest and comfortable with one another is not really daunting.

Second major problem that inhibits a couple's intimacy is fighting. Of course, it is perfectly normal to exchange their verbal jabs, yet some fights are avoidable. Be sure you never play the blame game. If you are feeling that something is wrong then it is best to breathe first and analyze the situation. Pointing fingers at your partner guarantees a fight. If you really want to correct your partner's mistake then try to deliver each statement positively by pairing it with one of his/her good qualities.

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