Ear Piercings

Earring is an essential element of every jewellery wardrobe. Earrings are attached to the ear and equip a reflection of your personality. They are noticed for their own beauty and help to shape the contour of the face and to bring out a radiant glow.

Pick your favorite before you get pierced. Here are some idea of ear piercings:

1. Helix piercings are located in the outer edge of the ear and are usually placed between the middle and top of the ear. Helix piercings at the top of the ear are also known as pina piercings, while helix piercings near the middle of the ear are also known as auricle piercings.

2. Industrial piercings consist of two piercings along the outer ear rim linked by one long bar. They can be placed either straight across the ear or at an angle. In different parts of the world the term "industrial piercing" can refer to both vertically placed piercings and horizontal piercings. Choose from the industrial piercing jewellery below or click through to see the full range.

3. Rook piercings are a type of ear cartilage piercing located in the highest fold of ear cartilage, between the daith and the ear-rim. Whether you can have a rook piercing and what jewellery you wear depends on your ear anatomy - always make sure there is room to accommodate the jewellery you want to wear. Choose from the rook piercing jewellery below or click through to see our full range.

4. A daith piercing is pierced through the fold of cartilage closest to the ear canal. Whether or not you can have a daith piercing will depend on your anatomy - there must be enough room for a bar or ring. Daith piercings are cartilage piercings so they may take a while to heal. Choose from these best-selling daith piercing items or click to see the full range.

Ear Piercings

5. Tragus piercings are located in the hard section of cartilage that sticks out in front of the ear canal. Tragus piercings are very popular and there is a wide choice of jewellery that you can wear including labret studs, barbells and ball closure rings. If your tragus piercing won't heal or gets sore we recommend switching to a BioFlex labret stud - the soft material can reduce healing times. Choose from these tragus items or click through to see the full range.

6. Snug piercings are located on the lower half of the ear rim, through the inner cartilage. Ball closure rings and circular barbells are the best options for a snug piercing, but always make sure you have the correct size ring. Choose from the items below or click through to see our full range of snug piercing jewellery.

7. Conch piercings are ear cartilage piercings located in the middle of the ear, in the concave section next to the ear canal. Conch piercings can be done in a range of gauges and most people wear either a barbell or a labret stud in their conch. Below is a selection of our conch piercing jewellery - click on the buttons to see the full range.

8. Anti Tragus piercings is a perforation of the inner ear cartilage for the purpose of inserting and wearing a piece of jewelry. It is placed in the antitragus, a piece of cartilage opposite the ear canal.Overall, the piercing has characteristics similar to the tragus piercing; the piercings are performed and cared for in much the same way.

9. Lobe. the most common type of ear piercing.

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