Japanese Tattoos Favorite Designs and Meaning

Irezumi is a Japanese word that refers to the insertion of ink beneath  the skin (skin poke) leaving a permanent mark  usually decorative in nature.

Tattooing in Japan is believed to date back approximately 10,000 BC were tattoos were mainly done for spiritual reasons, but many believe decorative tattoos appeared around the same period.

One of the most important influences in Japanese Tattoos has to be the release of the popular Chinese novel Shuihu Zhuan, in japanese Suikoden, a tale of courage and rebellion illustrated with woodblock prints showing fighters in heroic scenes. Their bodies decorated with tigers, dragons, religious images, mystical creatures, trees and flowers.

As more people are turning to tattoos as a way to express sentiments, Japanese tattoo art is finding its place in the tattoo world.Japanese symbols can look quite nice and can say things that people don’t want others to know.

If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo yourself the best place to start is by looking at other people’s tattoos for ideas. Japanese Tattoo Meanings was created with this aim in mind, to help people figure out the tattoo that best suits them, spiritually, physically and stylistically. It’s important to have a tattoo that reflects your personality and the way you feel as an individual, and one of the best ways of figuring this out is to look at other tattoos.

It is important to know what each tattoo symbolises and represents. This is why Japanese tattoo meanings are so important.

Here are some of the the Japanese tattoos favorite designs and meanings :

1. Kanji tattoos are a style of tattoo design that takes symbols from the kanji writing style of Japan.When researching tattoo designs kanji is very popular and researched by many people. Kanji tattoos are not at all popular in Japan and it is very rare to see a Kanji tattoo in Japan. The Japanese people do not see the appeal of the Kanji tattoo as westerners do, so it has made more of an impression in tattoo design in the western world than it has in theirs.
Japanese Tattoos

2. Bamboo Tattoo: Bamboo is rumoured to be the only thing able to withstand a full hurricane. The bamboos abilities have allowed it to be used in construction and landscaping, music, art, clothing and toys.
Japanese Tattoos

3. The samurai tattoo : The samurai code and samurai tattoo remind the martial artist that their knowledge and ability in using their bodies as a weapon should only be used for self-defence and they should act with nobility and honour.
Japanese Tattoos

4.Lotus Flower Tattoo: People of the Buddhist or Hindu faith see the lotus flower symbolising freedom and not becoming attached to material items.
Japanese Tattoos

5. Dragon Tattoo is a Symbol of Power, this is why many kings were adorned with the dragon tattoo designs. Chairman Mao once said “ You do not argue with the dragons pearl” meaning you do not argue with those who have the power.
Japanese Tattoos

Every tattoo has a meaning, a meaning which can influence your decision on whether to get that tattoo or not. It’s up to you to choose a tattoo that best defines you as an individual, thinking, feeling human being.

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