Artificial Nails by Dita Von Teese

Burlesque dancer, Dita Von Teese was working on a new business. After the release of lingerie, now a woman who likes to wear red lipstick will release a line of artificial nails.

Von Teese will team up with Kiss beauty company to launch a crescent-shaped artificial nails, a fashion trend in the 40s era. The nails are titled the same as the name suggests consists of a wide selection of colors.
One of the collections that will be the mainstay is red with white shimmer shades. The color effect is elegant and vintage-style Hollywood star old times.

Collection of special nails will be released as many as 24 circuits in 12 different sizes. 

There is also available a glue to attach artificial nails with pink color.

Von Teese is a fan of vintage items. Women 38 years had been long thought would make a line of artificial nails.
"I have discussed for years on artificial nails. I like the things of the past that at one time could be something new again. Likewise with the nail, which can make the look more chic, fashionable and evoke nostalgia," said Von Teese, as quoted from Real Style Network

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