Female Fantasies


How have women's fantasies?

Dr. Sylvain Mimoum, gynecologist, andrologist and psicosomatólogist: The biggest news is that more and more women are aware of their fantasies. Women are more aware than before the impact of their excitement in their own sexuality. For this reason, dare more to increase your arousal, or to be clearer, with less fear of being "harder".

What is the most widespread fantasy among women?
As said by Dr. Sylvain Mimoun, In general, are often the same fantasies that stimulate the majority of women, as they say, of course. That is, unexpected intercourse with a stranger in a strange place, in a very romantic, and so on.

Satisfying the fantasies, yes or no?
As said by Dr. Sylvain Mimoun, actually a fantasy fulfilled is no longer a fantasy. A fantasy, by definition, is something that belongs to the realm of imagination.

The difference between having a fantasy into a reality is that from the moment it materializes, we need to "raise the stakes." And it is this which makes climbing things.

While it is a game, is fun. However, it can be problematic if it becomes an obsession and the person needs to recreate a situation or another to feel pleasure, or to function sexually aroused. Do not expect to reach that level before reacting. Keep in mind this message.

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