Breast Cancer - Prevent with Bitter Melon


The extract of a plant that is common in India and China, bitter melon, triggers a cascade of events that eliminates breast cancer cells and prevents them from growing, according to a study by the University of Saint Louis in the U.S. that published in the journal Cancer Research.
Ratna Ray, director of the study, said he was surprised that bitter melon extract that she prepares fried strips inhibited the growth of breast cancer cells. "To our knowledge, this is the first report describing the effect of bitter melon extract on cancer cells. Our result was encouraging. We have shown that bitter melon extract induces cell death of breast cancer and decreases growth and expansion. 

Ray said he decided to study the impact of bitter melon extract on breast cancer cells because other research has shown that the substance reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Bitter melon extract used as traditional medicine to treat diabetes in China and India.
The researcher used breast cancer cells in vitro or in a controlled laboratory setting. The next step, according to Ray, is to test the extract in an animal model to see if it participates in growth retardation or eliminates breast cancer cells. If these results are positive then human trials would be conducted.
Although it is early to say whether the extract of this plant will help breast cancer patients, researcher says is worth taking these studies. "There have been significant advances in the treatment of breast cancer have improved survival and quality of life of patients. However, women continue to die of the disease and are essential new treatment methods," says Ray.
The researcher concludes that there should be an extract of bitter melon as a miracle cure for breast cancer, "Bitter melon is common in China and India, where women continue to suffer from breast cancer."

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