The Six Foreplay Games that Women hate

Foreplay, as delicious as the same sex, is an art that not all dominate. And the best way to overcome is recognizing that we do not know everything. Teach him to avoid these common mistakes that tend to dislike.

Below, is a list of suggestions to help avoid those things that might be doing wrong during foreplay.

1. Being too harsh:
Men prefer, usually touching women in a more aggressive way, so that women play as they like that touch. Unfortunately, this does not work properly, usually because women prefer to be touched gently, with care, would be a good way to describe it.

2. Repetitive Use:
When someone rubs the same area a long time, it can irritate. These individuals also choose to continue this movement during the entire session of foreplay, which can make things boring and routine after a while.

3. Getting lost in the routine:
Bored in bed is usually the result of lack of imagination and, of course, lack of practice. As opposed to shyness and limited to only what you believe is right (perhaps being too strong or repetitive), the practices gives us confidence in ourselves to try new things.

4. Being aggressive during oral sex:
Some men, no doubt, have had or will have sexual partners who do not like oral sex. There may be several causes for this, but the most common is that they may not have practiced it correctly. First, they must try not to have a dry mouth when they start. Another mistake is being too harsh or biting. Finally, many tend to stay away from hot spots too fast.

5. Nipple twisting:
It's time to let them know: twisted the nipples of the woman, definitely not sexy. The twisting of nipples is something men usually do, despite being part of one of the most serious sexual mistakes, and many even prefer death to giving up their practice.
Perhaps it is because nobody bothered to read the manual of the passions of women. Whatever the reason, the twisting nipples erotic or sexy is not, and does not feel good, in fact, it hurts. Unless you specifically ask it, do not do it.

6. Losing the clitoris:
Relentlessly if they try to deploy his magic down there, it is sometimes easy to feel a little lost because of the apparent absence of the clitoris. Remind that we have four vaginal lips: two external and two internal. Also keep in mind that it is the easiest place to work, since in most situations, they have the best lighting

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