8 Ways to Combat Your Dating Routine

1) Improvise a trip or a weekend getaway
Organize a romantic weekend anywhere and at any time to disconnect from the routine "metro-office-home." Two days without the daily grind, children and household chores return joy to your partner. You will have the chance to spend more time with your boyfriend and you are at your disposal, a perfect time to open and communicate.

2) Non-plan
Every summer you go with the whole family to the cottage of your laws. Every Sunday, a movie or museum. On Saturday, touches make the purchase. Overall, every week you do the same, with your annoying habit of always plan everything. Not a bad choice, so do not run the risk that some event will take by surprise, but if you want your relationship to last, you need to change the chip, giving rise to the unexpected, make a room for spontaneity in your way of thinking things and gives more freedom to your partner.

3) Try New activities
The keywords of complicity in a couple are "originality" and "sharing". Try a new sport together to practice yoga to relax, swimming, tennis. Why did not you test with the parachute jump? Share your complicity thrills feed.

4) The bed is to be creative
Add a little salt to your relationship! Try something new, for example, buy sexy lingerie, make a striptease, or make love in unusual places. It is not mandatory to change position, but it is good to vary the scenery and the frequency does not matter to make love every Tuesday night.

5) Indulge
Dedicate time: go shopping with friends, take care in a beauty salon, get a massage or go to the Arab baths. Do not forget that apart from a mother, you're still a woman. If you take care, feel better, you're more relaxed, zen, will shine and that will have a positive impact on your partner.

6) Communication
If the couple does not work is because there is no communication. Put into practice the "weekly food communication." At home or in the restaurant, never mind. There is only one rule: children should be in bed and TV, turned off. Take advantage of this meeting to discuss your concerns, anxieties, desires or needs. This practice will prevent which you live without dialogue, as true outsiders.

7) City details
Do pleasure each other: a dinner by candlelight, a gift to him when you go shopping, a kiss on the neck, massage with essential oil ... Small samples of tenderness that maintain and alter the monotony seduction. Why to never have your work out for a drink and avoid the daily routine?

8) Less Separate
You are not obliged to do everything together. Let football be his night with friends. Why do not you go a week at a spa with friends? These moments will make you little bit feel separate and awaken the desire to see him again like the beginning of your relationship.

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