The eye shadow to daylight

Do you dream of wearing a look of a star, highlight the iris, playing with shadows to melt before your beautiful eyes? Change the color of the eyelids is an art. Follow our tips to take advantage of them without going over.

The right tools:
The applicator facilitates the work mousse texture, natural bristle brush is to apply the shadow, and the finger, perfect for blending.

Shadow powder matte shadows in iridescent lotion. Choose different colors, gradients, to overlay and play with the nuances and reflections. Do not hesitate to mix matte and pearly textures and take on new shades with reflections. The purplish pigments mixed with soft eyes make real gems.

Play with the harmony or contrast to brighten the pupil.
- Blue Eyes? Choose an earth brown, smoky gray, a soft pink or khaki green for the day. At night, the better the black or the false black, turquoise and electric blue for a more fashionable look.
- Green eyes? Brown, copper, gold, violet ... magnetic tones. Avoid bright green because green will kill your iris.
- Brown eyes? Everything is possible: light brown, dark khaki, bronze and dark blue for the eyelid. Iridescent pastels, purple, gold or pearl light to illuminate the eye.

The technique:
Cover the base of the eyelid with a light shade. Add a darker color in the area of the eye, extending outward. Finish with a light shade on the tear.
Applied to enlarge the eyes a white shadow on the upper eyelid. And if you're looking to polish, take a touch of iridescent dust at the top center, just touching the eyelashes.
If you're a fan of light, choose iridescent cream shadows. Apply a touch of soft color on the lower lid and blend with your finger. Do not overdo it to avoid overloading the lid, unless you want a cash result.

If, however, prefer a velvet finish, use a powder shadow and play with gradients.Right in the lashes, like eyeliner, take a splash of dark and over, in the eyelid, a softer tone and blend with the brush to shade mousse.

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